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Representative Cases

Skilled Advocacy


  • Wrongful termination litigation in United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, in which we demonstrated that our client was fired from his public agency employment as a result of his failure to comply with an instruction to perjure himself before a grand jury investigating former New York City Corrections Commissioner Bernard Kerik.   Read Details  |  Read Decision
  • Procured an injunction on behalf of a Manhattan condominium building, preventing a unit owner from operating a sex club in his unit. Read Details Here and Here
  • Instituted litigation against AT&T subsidiary for non-payment of electricity used by cell equipment on condominium’s roof, and successfully recouped full payment. Read Details
  • Secured dismissal of federal civil securities fraud claims against executive of credit ratings agency.
  • Procured highly favorable settlement in FINRA Arbitration on behalf of individuals alleging fraud and breach of contract against securities firm.
  • Procured highly favorable settlement in New York City real estate ownership litigation.


  • In connection with the United States Justice Department’s tax evasion investigation of account holders at UBS in Switzerland, we have persuaded the Internal Revenue Service to grant full amnesty to several individuals who maintained substantial UBS bank accounts.
  • Reversal of conviction and dismissal of indictment as a result of District Attorney’s improper grand jury presentation.
  • Persuaded Manhattan District Attorney’s Office to decline to prosecute an individual under investigation for fraud and larceny in connection with alleged participation in a stolen art scheme.
  • New York Court of Appeals dismissal of grand larceny and conspiracy charges in gasoline tax prosecution. Read Decision
  • Persuaded the Queens District Attorney’s Office to abandon its prosecution of an individual charged with falsifying documents in connection with his employment at the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation.
  • Reversal of obstruction of justice, civil rights and conspiracy convictions, as a result of insufficient evidence, conflicts of interest and jury’s exposure to extrinsic evidence. Read Decision
  • United States Court of Appeals reversal of conspiracy conviction as a result of attorney’s conflict of interest. Read Decision
  • Acquittal of securities fraud and forgery charges in a federal jury trial conducted before current Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.
  • Reversal of conviction for possession of stolen property. Read Decision
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